Help, I’m using AWS MFA but I’ve changed my phone number

AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an excellent extra layer of protection on top of password authentication; however, when using SMS MFA via mobile phone, beware, you could be setting yourself up for a lock out.

If you happen to change your phone number, you’re simply out of luck as it relates to authentication into your AWS account. If this is your situation, you must request that Multi-Factor authentication be disable on your account.

Download and print the Identity Verification Form and Affidavit and fill out only section #1 of the form (do not sign yet). You’ll need the following information:
  • Name on Account (required)
  • Billing Address, City, State, Zip (required)
  • Account email address (optional)
  • AWS Account Number (optional)
  • Phone Number (optional)

Take the form to your home bank branch and get the document notarized for free. You’ll be asked to sign at this time.

Make a digital copy (i.e. scan) your driver’s license and utility bill.

There are several alternative options in case the above does not work for you.

Craft an email addressed to and attach all documents listed above.

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