My most popular JavaScript/npm packages

If you’ve published more than a few JavaScript packages to the npm registry, keeping track of them can be a bit unwieldy. As such, I’ve decided to list my most popular and/or favorite npm packages here.

I generally create these packages for my own work, in my own style, and with just the scope that I need to solve my own or my client’s problems. If you’re using one of my libraries I just want to say thanks! The more downloads a package gets, the more likely I’ll spend extra time making the library better and writing documentation.

Below is a list of my most popular JavaScript packages which are all published to the npm registry.

  1. selectn
  2. request-id
  3. homedir
  4. curry2
  5. brackets2dots
  6. basic-auth-token
  7. basic-authorization-header
  8. array.filter
  9. arraymap
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