Dreaming Coffee

A friend of mine once told me,

We have many paths in this


They take us different directions

So when you question don’t be
worried, It’s not a wrong one-
Beauty can be found in all of them.
You’ll meet people whose paths
But you don’t know how long you’ll
walk with them,
Cause’ the truth is, and it’s so hard,
but you’ll never know
How long we’ll continue with our
loved ones down this rugged road.
The path veers and it’s clear that
we must steer alone.
I’ve learned if you can’t hold on to
that moment that exists-
Let it go.
Cause’ freedom is god.
Freedom is acknowledging the
mask you have on
And possessing the strength to take
it off.
Freedom is accepting every step of
the path
And when it’s hard having faith in
the ability to embrace that That’s
where you are,
And this is it.
The same shit that we work
But go against in the same sense.

My friend hit me to some game and

truth unravelled, she said “The

brighter the light, the darker the


And since I’m on cliche terms,

knowing is half the battle.

But I don’t know,

So I just go with what was


Life can be a burden or a blessing,
The choice is yours to be connected.
It’s there if you want it, you got it,
now let it.
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