Announcing, The Mission
Chad Grills

I am excited to start my day with your words ringing in my head. I feel what you are creating is worth so much. To live in this world and feel alone is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Connection brought through honest and raw communication has the ability to not only better humanity but also could save a lot of lives as well. Some people don’t have the confidence or self- worth to go out there and find the others that they feel have the same visions or beliefs. Your platform is a way to help the ones who haven’t found their voice or don’t know how to use it, it allows for compassion, empathy, wisdom, and dedication to be seen from anywhere no matter where you are at. I love that you are calling it The Mission, my mission is to be able to love myself, to not give up, to be able to be clean from drugs, and to fight for the others who feel that they aren’t strong enough to make it. Your work Chad, has given me today to try again and to believe in myself.

Thank you

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