One of the most upsetting parts of being an addict is feeling like no one understands what you’re going through, and holding the people back who made it through the experience of recovery from voicing their stories is a disservice to everyone
Hi. My Name is Geoff, and I’m a Drug Addict.
Geoff Gates

I am so honored to have stumbled on your writing. my name is Nicholas and I am a drug addict. A struggling drug addict. You and I are striving for the same thing, to help those who have no hope. No hope that they are understood, weighed down by the shame, stigmatized by society yet expected to change. The stigma is what fuels me to not give up. To not hide my flaws so that they may consume my being, only in the light of honesty and compassion will I be able to survive. The stigma might not vanish but the awareness will spread.

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