Sorry, for what community exactly?
Camille Fournier

I can thank you for your perspective and respect your ideas.I am a gay male who has been victim of harassment; sexual, physical, mental, and verbal, and I can only speak from my own experience. I do feel that once a person that might have fit the role of victim as result of the men that have crossed his path in the chapters prior.. What those people took from me…. Well, I don’t know how much time, tears, and sweat it will take to . They took my sanity, they exercise any spirit of confidence I had mustered over my journey, they took my ability to open Myself up and let my light shine. They took a five years of his life away. He can honestly look at himself in the mirror and say those words that he feared he would never let leap from my lips into my beating heart; “It’s not your fault”….To forgive myself is where my compassion for self is rooted deep, strength and resilience. Wisdom and suffering ignite and light that guides his journey, they were the keys to unlocking not only his perception to self worth but also sparked the addiction that ruminates over the need to protect others from the ever growing virus of doubt and self-hatred.

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