(My words to friend via text message)

R u ok?

I was hoping it was you?

God what I wouldn’t do to be held by u…

Sorry just really miss you.

God, that is so good to hear.

R u able to talk on phone right now?

Where r u?

Ok no worries.

. I am so sorry what do you need? I don’t know how to escape where I am at. So much has been going on and I have been trying to just pray and make that jump. I just am scared of being homeless again actually the fear is that I will fail, that I am not good enough.

I have been praying for something, for someone, that would ignite my courage and strength. I want to help others so that I can better my life and show up for someone else.

My first intstinct love is to say yes even though I don’t have the money. All I can offer is a voice at the other end of the phone. Someone you can talk to about anything, no judgement; you know this. From there I can work on a plan with you. Find out where you are at right now; emotionally and spiritually , what your issue is and then what is the goal? What are you reaching out for? What is your soul needing, your life yearning for.

. I am on a mission at the moment because I have needs and I want to show up for myself, to stand up for my needs as well.

I have a goal for my life and I can’t give up on that goal. If we both are following the compass inside our core, and that is the energy that is pulling ur paths toward one another, then I will do everything in my power to look you in the eyes, to let you know that I see you, that I won’t leave you behind, alone, hurting.

My heart is reaching out to you man, and either you can grab it and not fall off the cliff and into the abyss of shame and self doubt. I have to make sure I can support the weight of both of us. Bond with you, fight with you. Love you. You are my family.

I want you to succeed….. and I just want to be who I am supposed to be. I don’t want to leave this world knowing that I Let myself miss a chance to help people, to not use my gift, to empathize, to give vulnerability so others don’t have to until they are ready. To make the chords that connect us all a little stronger. A little more visible. To bring the awareness to the forefront. That no one is alone and we are all in this together. LOVE is the currency that money could never be. LOVE is root to growth, wisdom, connection, and allows us as humans to live to our greatest potential. To save this world. To save our family.

The destination is the journey.

I love you.