WILOW Newsletter: # 64

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I want you to be Smarter, Richer and Happier. That means I focus on Technology, Money & Investing and Human Psychology.

Even though the bulk of my career has been Sales in Investment Banks, I got my degree in Computer Science and Econ in 1999. At the time technology just wasn’t ready for what I wanted to do.

It is now.

You might be wondering why we are discussing technology on a Wall Street blog, well that’s simple.

Wall Street is about: cycles, disruption and profitability — this makes technology critical. Especially now.

Technology is one of the three big forces, the ultra-wealthy are watching.

Here are a few things I recommend you read:

What are the second order consequences of autonomous, electric vehicles? Pretty wide-ranging, argues Ben Evans. MUST READ

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs believe that billions of dollars’ worth of research could eventually succeed in making death optional. Long, but amazingly researched. RECOMMENDED

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What I Learnt Last Week

Are you compounding daily? (This has been my most most viewed post…by a factor of 10x) USE IT

Make VP this year (don’t let anything stand in your way). LETS DO THIS

What I say to my friends who complain about not having enough time. WATCH IT

How to Get Head Hunted

Rather than desperately chasing head hunters, it’s a whole lot easier to get them to chase you.

Here are three time tested ideas:

1. Be visible (and searchable)
What do you find when you search for your name on Google? Embarrassing old news stories? Nothing at all? Whatever it is, that’s the first thing a headhunter will see too. If you want to be contacted for the best job opportunities, you must have a strong, positive web presence.

Make sure you’re high on a headhunter’s radar when they’re searching for talent within your area of expertise with a fully completed and up-to-date LinkedIn profileloaded with relevant keywords.

2. Be a thought leader
You’re an expert in your field. So are your job search competitors. In fact, there’s an army of industry pros and potential thought leaders out there. Most have never publically voiced their views and experiences. This is great news for a proactive candidate like you.

Consider a few topics that you specialise in. How can you use your know-how to provide value for others? Who are your target audience and what are their biggest questions? How can you reach them? Focus on being useful.

I usually send an email to my work audience every 2–3 weeks to stay on their radar and build my brand.

3. Be a good story teller
What happens when the head hunter calls you up? Do you know how to sell yourself, do you know how to be liked? Interviewing is about story telling, the human brain is wired for stories and pictures. Tell a story your audience will enjoy and find memorable.

You can learn more about story telling and Charisma here.

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