I didn’t realize I’ve been “working remote “ for years!

Wil Reynolds
Feb 19, 2018 · 3 min read

I could hear her saying it without even meeting with her …Wil, you’ve been working remote for years…stop fooling yourself!!

As Crystal and I had an other chats (I try to think WWCD before I approach her with ideas) she helped me realize something that took me a while to get to…On any given day I might see at most 10% of Seer’s employees even in passing. Our Philly office where I spend 60% of my time (15–20% is spent in San Diego) and the rest is somewhere in the world or on a plane.

While working in San Diego isn’t remote in theory, it is to our remote team members and our team members in Philly and vice versa. She was right (she usually is, which is why she runs the company)…

In My Imaginary Crystal Conversation…She wasn’t done with me yet, she piled on…

Hey Wil, we want our team members out there with clients and at conferences, right….I said right…then BAM she reminded me of this:

Damn! A lot of our team is NOT in the office anyway, when they are on site at a client or a conference, they are…working remote.

She still wasn’t done…when you add up all the flex time (work from home) + holidays + vacation we have a LOT of people NOT HERE or working remote:

This is basically 20% of the time people at Seer are not here, 90% worked from home at some point.

She still wasn’t done…Our company is changing, we want to be a great place to work for parents, and parents bring…sick kids, and sick kids require work from home a lot.

Moar Seer Babies!!!

You add up these 4 realities (and at ton of others, like getting a more competitive talent pool, cost of real estate, the fact we have one person working 20 hours a week traveling the world, she stops by her home base for holidays 😃, etc etc). and Its like lets jump in….

So, if you are one of the hundreds of people who over the years have said…hey Wil, I’d love to work with Seer, but I’m not able to relocate to Philly or San Diego, this might be the right time, so hit me up on LinkedIn.

I’ll reply with a quick form to fill out just so we know where people are and who is interested (maybe we’ll get a local co-working space), if we see strong matches, we’ll consider giving you a holler. We are especially looking for people who are seasoned at managing client accounts in search & analytics.

Wish us luck, if you have any ideas on how to be a great company with a couple HQs and remote, I would love to get some comments, as this is new to us (and a bit scary), but its the right thing for our clients, and thus we have to figure this out, if not today, tomorrow. Thank you!

Wil Reynolds

Written by

Serial Underdog @seerinteractive doing SEO, Marketing, & Stuff, I am whatever you say I am.

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