Cavs All-Time Roster

PG — Kyrie Irving

SG — Mark Price

SF — Lebron James

PF — Larry Nance

C — Brad Daugherty

Resrves:Bill Laimbeer, World B. Free, Ron Harper

This lineup is weak compared to the strength of the last lineup, but is still a pretty strong lineup. With a point guard who can score very effectively and pass very well in Kyrie Irving, he is the perfect player to distribute Mark Price, Lebron, and Larry Nance for easy points. Then you have Mark Price an elite shooter, talented passer, and clutch scorer. He and Kyrie make a very talented backcourt with good passing, shooting, and strong perimeter defense. Then comes Lebron who is one of the greatest players ever. He can do everything a team needs, and can also pour in buckets to help bring his team back into games. Last year Lebron led all 5 major statistics during the finals bringing his team back down 3–1 leading a team like no one else ever before. Over his career he is averaging 27, 7, and 7 basically doing everything for his team(Basketball-Reference). Larry Nance has one of the best offensive rebounds per game average for his career. In addition to this he is a very strong rim protector, and can also score buckets like nobodies business. All though he was only around for 7 seasons Brad Daugherty was quite the player. He was a solid rebounder and a solid post scorer rounding out this starting lineup with good players who are each stronger in a different area than the next person. One of the biggest reasons that this lineup would be good is because they shoot very well as a team from the free throw line, helping them win games in clutch moments. Then coming off the bench they have solid players who can provide excellent minutes for this team. They wouldn’t be great but they have the makings of a pretty good team. Best Player: Lebron James Central Division Ranking: 5th

Overall Team Grade: B-

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