Pacers All-Time Team

PG — Mark Jackson

SG — Reggie Miller

SF — Paul George

PF — George Mcginnis

C — Jermaine O’neal

Reserves: Rik Smits, Detlef Schrempf, Jalen Rose

Mark Jackson is a perfect fit to this lineup, because everybody else in the starting lineup averaged close to 20 points. He was a very skilled passer but he would be an even better passer with this many weapons around him. Reggie Miller and Paul George both have career 3 point shooting percentages in the high 30s and it would rain threes with this lineup. In addition to them both being good shooters, both were good inside scorers as well making it very hard to guard them. The backcourt of Mark and Reggie is very good offensively, but it has some struggles defensively. Luckily for them the other three players in the lineup were great defenders. George Mcginnis was a very skilled post scorer, rebounder, and had an unusually good steals average for a big guy. Jermaine O’neal like George was a very skilled post scorer and rebounder. The reason the two big men mesh together so well is because one was a great pick pocket, and the other was a tremendous rim protector. Jermaine averaged 2.4 blocks a game. This team has a very well rounded lineup; however lacks veteran experience because most of these players never won a title. The bench of this lineup is also very strong. Players like Detlef and Jalen could both shoot very well, and Rik brings some low post scoring off bench. This allows the starters to rest easy while the bench takes over. Not one of the best teams in the East but is still a pretty solid team.

Best Player: Reggie Miller

Central Division Ranking: 4th

Overall Team Grade:B

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