No any unbiased and truly objective media can be built.

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Filters always exist in different media. They can be summarized in to five perspectives including ownership, advertising, sourcing , flack and ideological marginalization. Media actually is a business. It cannot survives without any fundings or financial supports. However, those people or organizations supporting the media must have their self-interests. They will set up some censorships or filters on the media to avoid any unbenefited news from publishing to the public. That is why no media is entirely reliable. 
In China, none of the media is not supporting the party and the government. China is a country which does not accept democracy and have strong state intervention on the media. It sets up a strict censorship on different media. In addition, the media like CCTV-13 is fully funded by the government. Based on the ownership, the media cannot report the news which related to something against the government. Thus, parts of the news broadcasted in China are not the full picture of the incidents. 
Compared to Hong Kong, Hong Kong is so-called a relatively democratic city. In Hong Kong, there are Basic Law which protect the freedom of speech. Basically, The journalists can report whatever they like without any censorships. Thus, someone may think that the media in Hong Kong can be truly objective and unbiased. However, that is not the entire picture of the media in Hong Kong. The self-censorship is actually exist in different media which harms the journalistic professionalism in Hong Kong. According to the news about the self-censorship published on 23–4–2014 by the SCMP, the journalists say that ‘’the self-censorship is common in Hong kong newspaper’’. They also claim that the owner or management regularly exert the editorial pressure. Regarding the survey, On a scale of zero to 10, where 10 indicates “very common”, journalists rated media self-censorship at 6.9. Thus, the media is proven that they are definitely biased. 
Moreover, the media which are not either funded by the public or the government need to rely on the advertisement for sustainable financial support. In fact, the companies which post the advertisements on the media consider whether the selected media matches their interests and also the public interests. In the other words, the mass cirrculated media need to avoid posting something which do not favour the advertising companies and the public. 
All in all, No matter the countries stick with the socialism or the capitalism, no matter they are with dictatorship or democracy, all the media cannot report the whole truth or reality without any influences.
Furthermore, Someone may claim that the citizens can self develop a media that is independent of different political parties or ideologists. Then, the media can break the filters of ownership and advertising. However, people in the same city or country have different political stands or different perspectives on the same issue. Therefore, this kind of media must not able to report the news that do not obey their own theories or interests. 
Last but not least, all the media in the world must have at least one filter, there is no any truely independent media that is a reflection of reality.