Think of Outbound Sales As A Grind That Requires Practice Like Martial Arts

I studied and practiced martial arts (Chinese Kung Fu) intensively during my high school and early college years. During those years, I lived and breathed martial arts. I would train for hours a day, condition myself nonstop, surfed around most of the martial art forums, and watched an endless amount of videos on it.

Everyday, I would wake up feeling pumped about trying something new. This could be a new technique that I learned or just a new form that I wanted to practice. Over time I learned something very important about martial arts and it was that martial arts like outbound sales is a grind. You have to love what you’re doing and you have to practice the basics over and over again.

This is no different from outbound sales. Ask an experienced martial artist what they do on a daily basis and they will tell you that they practice the same basic kicks everyday, the same basic punches, and the same basic drills.

Ask an outbound sales expert on what they do on a daily basis and they will tell you it’s the same cold emailing, cold calling, list building, doing research, and connecting with prospects on various sales channels.

Quite often, I receive a great amount of positive response on my cold emails. Even if they aren’t interested, I usually still get a positive compliment on how great my email was. The truth is that it isn’t overnight success. It comes from practice. It comes from sending thousands and thousands of failure emails and revising it. Everyday, I would ask myself, “How can I do this better?” “What’s working? What isn’t?”

Just like martial arts, there’s no secret to it. It all comes back to practicing the basics again and again. There’s no secret sauce to outbound sales, but it is a grind and you have to live and breathe it.

Too many entrepreneurs give up on sales because they aren’t seeing the results right away. Results don’t happen overnight, but it will come with practice and people will appreciate your effort and work. You can think of long sales cycle as martial arts heavy bag training. A great instructor can teach you the proper forms and how to hit the bag, but only after 10,000 punches will you be able to deliver the insane amount of strength and speed an experienced boxer can deliver.

Only after hours of grunt work with list building will you learn to appreciate the amount of tools and services out there that help with lead generation and only after hours of sweat will you learn how to speed up your process to maximize results.

The most important thing is to have a passion for what you’re doing. If you aren’t passionate and you don’t see yourself doing it for a long term, then don’t start. Don’t start and then give up saying that it didn’t work.

The same goes for content marketing or any other type of campaign you are running. Don’t expect instant results, success doesn’t happen overnight. Have a passion for what you do and feel pumped knowing that you are somebody greater than what you think you are. You are somebody that can improve based on feedback and results.

Sales is a grind that takes an endless amount of practice. Consume as much knowledge as you can by reading blogs and asking for advice from people that’s been there and done that. That’s the quickest way to improve.

Ask someone who excels in the PPC field and they will tell you how they lost thousands of dollars in testing ads before finding the correct keywords and the correct channels to run their ads. Think of those money as school tuition. It’s something you need to spend time and money on to gain results. Be happy that you’re failing faster than other people because you’re learning a lot quicker.

Don’t give up!

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