Common mistakes that people make when buying a car in the UAE

Select a car: The first mistake when choosing a car in the UAE is itself the vehicle selection. Often people choose a car that does not meet their needs and requirements.

“Many people buy a car because of its interior and exterior design, but if the car does not meet your needs, it’s just a waste of money and time.”

Beware of sellers: if they see that you like the look of the car, they will embellish all its other details, as soon as possible to sell it to you.

It is necessary to think a head and clearly pick up the machine for your needs.

Test Drive: The UAE individuals regularly purchase an auto on the proposal of relatives or companions. Try not to pick indiscriminately, it is constantly better to take the auto for a test drive, and simply following two or three days to think things through, to choose to get it or not.

Optional parameters: Most people buy the machine immediately from the dealership rather than bought from authorized dealers. If you choose to not wait and immediately buy a car, then a common mistake — the choice of machines on the basis of additional options, such as the panoramic roof or on-board computer.

Instead, you should choose a car that has a basic configuration more.

Financial matters: Another mistake for those who take a car on credit or leasing.

Car buyers in the United Arab Emirates should be carefully and thoroughly examine the terms of the contract and leasing. You need to understand how a percentage and payments, as well as any conditions on the sale of cars, which is still in the lease.

Offer car sharing: Most car dealers in the UAE offer people to exchange their car to another. It is understood that when you change cars frequently, you lose about 10% of its value. Sometimes it is more profitable to sell car uae, then buy new.

Insurance: One of the most common mistakes in the UAE — the buyers do not know anything about the cost of car insurance, which they plan to buy. Dealers often offers “mythical” better offer on the extended insurance. Often the extended insurance price is too high.

Bargaining: Most people see the beautiful cars in the showroom and forget about everything. Your love for the car should not hurt you. You do not have to buy a car right away. Do not forget to bargain. After a brief conversation, leave your contact seller and wait until he calls you with a good suggestion.

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