It isn’t call-out culture that is toxic.
Ashley Fairbanks

“Cis men, both men of color and white men, seem to be the ones most keenly aware of how bad call-out culture is for our world. So eager to educate us all. Which seems strangely aligned with the fact that they are often the ones being called out.”

Whistleblowing is often needed, and the whistleblowers usually pay a price and that’s a pity. But the deeply sexist statement above is a specific version of “note how victims of oppression are the ones who complain?” Yes deeply sexist people who like the call-out culture and make a living off it are not good people. You probably are such a person who has cancer in their ethical framework. Like the alt-right, you have totalitarian tendancies so like the tools of totalitarianism. But I am guessing that from the deeply sexist racist tone of your article. Based on this one thing, should an internet mob destroy your life? I don’t think so. But if the people like you on either side of the political divide get their way, that’s the future we are looking at.