No, Liberal Resistance, You Do Not Need to Worry About Alienating Conservative “Allies”
Amanda Gailey

I take issue with this:

“3) The left polarizes opinion against them and empowers their targets.

Again, only if you are living in the universe of the devout Trumpster, who as a matter of faith revere Trump and his cronies. Those people are unreachable through reason and it is folly to make reasonable persuasion of them your objective. Mobilize the left and change the middle.”

When many on the left were total lying tools for the corrupt Neoliberals running the Democratic party it empowered their opponents. Here’s an example: the BernieBro narrative assumes the most sexiest elements of the left are the socialists and the young. Seriously?! And having contempt for Neoliberals is not a valid viewpoint? Really?! Anyone promoting such an obvious lie totally empowers people with the “Crooked Democrat” narrative.

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