Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

Nice hostile condescending lecture. There are some theories that this kind of finger wagging attitude that threw a critical mass of swing voters to Trump. I am amused when I read “you people of race X need to do this” in essays that also assert racism is a big problem. I read similar things in alt-right rants. Is it white Clinton voters fault that the KKK types went Trump? You think the KKK types like white liberals? This is a tribal battle. If the left’s tribe is full of people saying “I have no credentials, but because of your race or gender it is time for me to talk and you to listen. Because of your race or gender, this is permanent. Anything is is uppity”. If the left wants to lose, this is exactly what it should do. The KKK types will be delighted. I think it is prudent to ask “are the KKK types happy I am writing this piece” before writing a piece. I would think this piece does indeed give them a glow.