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Why we, at Niall, honor men like Andy Reid.

A news story broke last week - “Casio offers watches to Andy Reid for better time management.” Casio’s statement read:

“We, at Casio, couldn’t help but notice how crucial time management is during the intense fourth quarter of a NFL playoff game, and with that said we would like to offer you our brand new G-SHOCK GA201RD-4A timepiece.
“We feel the stopwatch feature, countdown timer and digital watch face will be extremely beneficial for you and your staff during practices and games.” via The Kansas City Star.

When I read this, I couldn’t help but feel Casio doesn’t get the culture of Kansas City (let alone understand the difficulties of building a successful NFL franchise). In Kansas City we choose to honor our leaders rather than taking shots to gain cheap publicity. We choose to honor Andy Reid, who inherited a 2 and 14 squad and with GM John Dorsey has delivered three winning seasons in a row and a regular season record of 42–17. Taking the Chiefs to the playoffs 2 out of 3 years and in 2015, winning the first playoff game since 1993. The same man who won this year’s AFC coach of the year award. The same man who lead athletes that are Men of the Year Nominees like Tamba Hali and Eric Berry.

We honor hard work, tough choices and proven success, the same way this city honored Ned Yost, the head coach of the Kansas City Royals. Who in the 2013 MLB baseball season was equally criticized for his strategy. Despite that criticism, he stuck to his guns. Taking the Royals to the World Series in 2014 — and finally taking the crown in 2015.

You see, Andy Reid is a Niall Man — whether he wears a Niall on the field or not. Because Andy Reid is “all in”. When you’re all in you take risks. You make moves others may not agree with. You stick to your guns and take the criticism. When you’re all in, you have a level of confidence that lets TMZ articles and Monday morning quarterbacking slide right off your shoulders. When you’re all in — it’s about honor. It’s about doing things for the right reasons, even when it’s not obvious to others.

As NFL coaching legend Vince Lombardi said, “Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not, but we will be judged on one thing: the result.” Turning a franchise around is not easy. Winning consistently is even harder. While some may argue with the approach, it’s hard to argue with the results Andy Reid is delivering on the field. And for that, Kansas City is thankful.

As a Kansas City based, American watchmaker, we’ve built Niall around honoring those that are all in — wherever they exist around the world. From athletes and coaches, to executives, entrepreneurs, doctors and scientists we believe the all in man stands for the spirit of drive and determination that makes up the culture of this great country. Which is why we choose to honor those who work hard to succeed — not break them down.

You could say we are heavily influenced by how our city does business — we just call it doing the right thing.

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