Core invests in mission-aligned companies that seek to improve financial well-being for everyday people. To that end, it’s often the case that companies operating on the periphery of financial services are positioned to make outsized impacts on our financial success. So now we’re taking a close look at an old alternative financing idea that we believe is coming into the mainstream: income share agreements (ISA). Huh? In short, ISAs are a financing vehicle whereby a recipient of funds agrees to pay a percentage of future income for a fixed period of time.

ISAs can be used to finance anything, though…

by Will Thomsen and Arjan Schütte

At Core Innovation Capital we back dynamic founders of early stage companies across financial services. We look for teams building scalable businesses that democratize prosperity by saving people time and money or by increasing earnings. Broadly, we’re excited about innovation in financial health and security through insurance. The InsurTech landscape has changed dramatically since our 2014 whitepaper, Slicing Up the Gecko. Here’s a four year recap along with our take on what’s changed and where we might be headed as the InsurTech ecosystem continues to swell.

Distribution 2.0

The early waves of InsurTech were dominated by…

Our vision for Tellur was focused on financial inclusion — we aimed to build an automated financial planner that enabled everyone to be on the path to a financially secure future. Here’s the story, along with one of the many lessons learned, and our outlook on the future of personal finance.

The Money Funnel Concept

Our long-term vision for Tellur was something we referred to as a “money funnel.” At the time, robo-advisors like Wealthfront and Betterment were making impressive debuts, touting benefits of automated investing, tax loss harvesting and relatively low fees. …

A few days ago, Keith Armstrong did a nice writeup about the proliferation of chatbots in money and banking. In his post, Keith lists a few personal finance chatbots with funding.

In developing Ledgee, my personal finance chatbot, I‘m keeping a close eye on these names. Here’s a more complete list of players both big and small that are on my radar:

  • Ledgee — my project. Multi-platform personal finance assistant. Available on SMS/Messenger/Alexa. Focused on evolving a personalized experience that becomes more useful with each conversation
  • Abe — originally a slack bot for teams, but now seemingly more focused on…

With FinTech innovation on the rise, there’s a growing number of financial APIs making it easy for developers to get projects off the ground. One that is particularly popular with recent personal finance startups is Plaid.

To build Ledgee, a personal Alexa skill that evolved into a full-fledged chatbot, I use Plaid’s Connect API, which lets users connect bank accounts so Ledgee can read account balances and transactions. It’s easy to get started with, and is more developer-friendly than others I’ve encountered. …

Will Thomsen

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