Are you being gaslit? Here are some things people do when they are gaslighting you.

  1. I’m COPYPASTING THIS FROM TUMBLR, because it’s helpful to me, and I hope it will be helpful to some of you:
“Be wary of those who claim if you don’t trust them, you’re hurting them.
“Be wary of those who insist you are obliged to give them more than they offer in return, and if you fail to do so, you’re not doing enough.
“Be wary of those who accuse you of being cruel if you don’t give them everything they want.
“Be wary of those who lure you into comforting them after they’ve hurt you.
“Be wary of those who demand forgiveness without ever admitting they hurt you.
“Be wary of those who claim to not remember their actions that scarred you.
“Be wary of those who insist they’re “human” after you confront them on their cruelty.
“Be wary of those who’ll use your empathy against you, who see your compassion as a toy for them to play with.
“Those do not care about your well being. They don’t care how much they’re hurting you. They wont care if they scar you permanently. They’ll take as much as they can for you, and abandon you when you need them the most.”