News articles and innuendo are not facts, they are pipe dreams and guesses.
It’s coming to a point where I don’t bother reading past the first “agree with me or you are…
Kerry Howell

As I pointed out in my Predictable Bullshit post, here we see a popular bullshit deflection and redirection tactic in practice: take an outrageous claim (news articles are not facts) and pair it with a strawman (innuendo is not fact).

Knock over the strawman, taking the bullshit claim with it, and launch into still more bullshit (the left has divided the nation, somehow there’s a new math which proves that the minority that still supports Trump is half the country), and use it all to declare that an argument I never made (Trump is bad) wasn’t argued in good faith.

Don’t address the actual substance of the argument (that bullshit is used to deflect and distract from facts unfavorable to the Trump White House), but claim that I said you were stupid.

So that’s a hat trick of bullshit deflection and distraction right there. Well done.

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