There’s a lot of talk these days about how the cinema experience is dying. But when done right — as it used to be at Sundance Kabuki, and as it is at Alamo Drafthouse — it’s a fantastic experience.³ It’s worthy of a night out.
AMC’s Kabuki Theater
M.G. Siegler

I am so relieved to hear someone else expressing this. I’ve felt this way for at least fifteen years (I’m 44) and I absolutely *hate* what cinemas have become. The experience should be magical. It should be special. It should feel like we’re in a kind of church (for whatever value of “church” exists in your life), and not like we’re walking around a mall.

I want to make the Fuck You money, so that I can do what Tarantino did with the New Beverly, only on a larger scale. I don’t think it’s a path to a billion dollars, but I think it’s a model that can sustain itself and make people happy.

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