As of this writing, despite Twitter’s new anti-harassment rules, Richard Spencer, Mike Cernovich, Joey Gibson, and David Duke are still on the platform. All known fascists. Ta-Nehisi Coates is not. Driven off by Richard Spencer’s harassment. These are the voices we are losing because Jack Dorsey has chosen not to act.
Merry Last Christmas, Jack Dorsey.
Mike Monteiro

I wonder if Jack (and to some other extent, the Board) care more about coddling the fascists, because the marginalized voices like the people of color aren’t where the money is.

All these Libertarian fucks are causing so much harm to America’s social contract (that’s certainly by design) and to the world (for them, a nice side-effect because who doesn’t love some good war profiteering?) and at this point, after years of marginalized people begging Twitter to do something, it’s painfully clear that Twitter’s leadership doesn’t give a flying fuck.