Medium’s comment moderation is a shitshow.

I published a speech I gave to NAMI several months ago. Every day, it gets new comments. Nearly all of these comments are legitimate thoughts and comments from people who I am happy to have hosted here on my Medium page, uh, thing.

But there are also occasional comments from spammers, and from people who are just being abusive, or shitty, or posting some other thing that I would rather not see, and would like to delete from my post.

Thanks, Glenn. This is the most creative way someone has ever told me to kill myself.

In literally every other CMS in the history humanity across every single instance of the multiverse, you can sort your comments by “newest” or “most recent” or something similar. It makes comment moderation easy and quick.

But Medium only lets me sort by oldest, or by hidden.

Um. That’s not real helpful when a post has hundreds of comments, Medium. It also doesn’t help that comments are in a container that only shows me 20 at a time. Again, not useful great when I’m trying to go through hundreds of comments to get to the offending comment.

So, dear Medium people: please fix this, and give us the ability to sort by newest, so we can have better control over what appears on our posts.