Word on the Street. Interview with Rosie Chesson Dance to celebrate International Dance Day 2017.

To celebrate International Dance Day 2017, Saturday 29 April, we interviewed the talented and passionate Rosie Chesson, founder of Rosie Chesson Dance. Rosie provides specialist teaching in authentic Street Dance and Dance Fitness in Raynes Park, Wimbledon and London.

Rosie, what’s your dance background and what drew you to Street Dance rather than other dance styles?
Street Dance is a social dance and although at times it has been portrayed as aggressive and edgy, it’s actually an incredibly uplifting, encouraging, positive and welcoming community and dance style.

The culture of the Street Dance styles; Locking, Popping, House, Hip Hop and Breaking, are all rooted in sharing, exchanging, coming together and making the best of anything. It’s like having a conversation, but with dance instead of words. I love that about it!

I have always loved to dance since being 3 years old with my mum taking me to baby ballet and from there also doing modern, tap, jazz and commercial at a dance school as a child, which gave me a great foundation in dance. However, when Street Dance just started becoming popular and a class opened in my hometown, I loved it on a whole new level. I think it was a combination of loving the music, attitude and the moves; plus it just felt right to me. Unfortunately there weren’t many Street Dance classes in the U.K. at the time, especially ones teaching authentic Street Dance which was frustrating at first. But if anything, it just made me more passionate and determined to seek out the best Street Dancers and educators in the UK to learn as much as I could and from there I’ve never stopped doing that.

What tips do you have for anyone looking to learn Street Dance?
We are lucky now that Street Dance has become so popular, that so many of the pioneers and creators of these styles tour and teach, and there are so many talented Street Dancers and accessible classes. I would say that it’s important to do your research first though, to check that if you want to learn authentic Street Dance, you are going to someone who has put in the work and effort and is knowledgeable in its rich history and culture. Also, to make sure that you stay safe when you are learning as it can be a very physically demanding dance style with so much technique. It’s also quite a new dance style when you compare it to other dance forms, but it is equally as credible as ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary etc and it’s amazing to see it getting the exposure, love and respect it deserves.

Rosie Chesson, Street Dance Instructor

What do you love about Street Dance as a form of exercise?
To me dancing is a way to express myself and an indescribable feeling. I completely lose myself in the music and movements and so do the children and adults I teach. It’s also an amazing confidence booster!

Street Dance is a very high energy style and so is a fantastic way to keep fit. There are numerous styles within Street Dance; mainly Locking, Popping, House, Hip Hop and Breaking and so there are so many different ways to move your body allowing for a full body workout — including your brain!

What can we expect from one of your classes?
Our classes are really friendly, encouraging and exciting. The most important thing to us is your having fun in a safe environment and reaching your personal potential or goal.
We make sure that every class is different and that everyone has learnt the moves by the end of the class so you always leave with a massive sense of achievement!

How can we get involved?
If you are in the Raynes Park and Wimbledon area then I offer classes for all ages and abilities with an offer of a free trial class, so get in touch!

Otherwise, looking online you will be able to find classes near you, so go and give it a try. I have seen many a hesitant person be fully converted to loving the Street Dance styles!



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