In the article “For eBay, AI is ride or die” Japjit Tulsi, VP of engineering at eBay, makes it clear that, according to eBay, companies must be investing in Artificial Intelligence, or they will face a tough ride downhill in the not so far away future.

I agree, although we have to acknowledge that the version of AI we are mostly talking about is an automated version of the big data and predictive analytics hype we’ve seen a couple of years ago. I sincerely hope that the current turmoil around the topic will speed up the process. I’m saying this…

There’s not one truth. With the rise of Digital enterprises we are made to believe that digitization is the only way to success. Digital Transformation is on the agenda of nearly every company by now. Budgets are soaring, as are the promised benefits. If companies are struggling to meet quarterly results you will likely see industry analyst and pundits screaming for more and faster digital transformation.

At the same time we see claims it’s not so much about transformation as it is about maturing. And we see 100% digital companies in e-commerce open up real-life stores and branches in an…

This week it hit me.

Last week I was having this workshop with one of our clients to discuss a new project that they wanted our help with. We’ve been working with this client for several years, and successfully reduced (deflected is the word used mostly, but I like to put it like it is) many live contact center contacts with the help of our chatbot/virtual assistant technology platform. But we did not discuss before how our technology could enable online sales and increase conversions, how it could make choosing easier, more seamless and the customer experience more personal and…

Artificial Intelligence is poised to solve world-peace, poverty and hunger as well as the climate crisis. At least that’s what one could think when reading the headlines.

In that respect I really liked this article from MIT Sloan and BCG: What managers need to know about artificial intelligence. Particularly note these bits:

“Artificial intelligence covers a diverse set of abilities, much like Howard Gardner’s breakdown of human intelligence into multiple intelligences. These abilities include deep learning, reinforcement learning, robotics, computer vision, and natural language processing.

The first report from Stanford’s One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence — “Artificial Intelligence…

Sitting in the sun of the south of France last april, I decided to leave my job at Dutch insurer Delta Lloyd. I came to the conclusion it was impossible to close the gap between rising customer expectations, my ambitions and Delta Lloyd’s priorities. As I strive to be on the forefront of customer experience and innovation I decided to accept an offer from CX Company to become their first CMO. CX Company provides a state of the art AI-fueled SAAS platform that enables companies to design and operate all kinds of cool chatbots and conversational virtual assistants across all…

Wim Rampen

CMO @CX_Company | Customer Experience | Service Design | #jtbd | Chatbots | Virtual Assistants | Marketing Strategist | Change Agent | Enjoying the Ride

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