From Bootcamp to Junior Developer

When you hear about coding bootcamps that pump out junior developers in a couple of weeks, you have to wonder, is this real? Well, the fact that there are more than a handful of bootcamps out here in Toronto tells me the damand is there! If you’re thinking about attending a coding bootcamp, then the questions should really be “How can I make the most out of this?”. I used to think the answer was ‘knowledge’. Coding should be like riding a bike right? If I cast a wide net, and learn everything there is to know, then I’ll be smart enough to put all the pieces together. Hmm, not exactly. Like any skill, nothing beats experience, hard work, and practice. I recently listened to a great podcast (Talking Code) about going from a junior developer to a senior developer, and I feel there are many parallels. The part that resonated with me the most is when they talk about code quality, and efficient coding.

“The intermediate writes methods that are 1 or 2 lines while the junior crams 20 in there.”

If you’re a junior like me, you probably thinking, “Wow! How do I get this super power?”. It feels like every piece of code I write, I look at it and think, “There has got to be a better way”. And 90% of the times, there is! There’s no trick to improving it. You just have to keep coding. Keep being curious, and keep searching for better answers.

The podcast ends on with an amazing quote:

“To become a better programmer, one should practice like a musician.”

Well, what does this mean? To me it means, you can only make what you’re play better when you’re not thinking about every note, and how to put it all together. When you’re able move past that, that is when start you can start tweaking, and making improvements. That is how you make it yours.

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