Towards efficient email support services

Sahana Chawla
May 4, 2016 · 2 min read

Businesses these days are relying hugely on email support services to keep the customers happy with their products and services. However, any mismanagement can pave way for huge adverse impact. To avoid such a situation, following certain tips can be helpful. Some important ones among them are explained below.

Assure that the contact form is structured

Don’t mix up things. You want to keep your business details as well as customer details exclusive to each other. Use different email management software programs for both type of mails. Thus the agent can also focus completely on the customer.

Route different inquires to separate inboxes

By doing so, your agents will get varieties to handle. This will alleviate boredom and make the work gain more momentum which increases overall performance. Messages reaching a company can fall under different categories like technical issues, complaints, normal inquires etc. Mange them strategically.

Be personalized

Everyone loves being valued and personalized services via chats can work wonders. Use some good templates and add a personal touch to it. Call the customer by name and assure that they never feel as if they are communicating with a robot.

Be strong in Language

It is very important to use clear language while writing customer service emails. Use simple language to avoid technical terms and make the support email clear and short while addressing the customers. Also check the spelling and grammar before delivering information. Read here for more about customer service email writing tips.

Auto response also helps

Customer expectations can be managed well ahead of time if you can send auto responses. If their query seems to be more complicated and it is being forwarded to core technical group, it can be intimated via this. Aim to respond the customer’s queries or requirements within 24 hours of receiving customer service emails. This will create immediate impact and shows your dedication in solving customer needs; this is how you can increase customer loyalty.

Blend call center support and chat

Outsource email support services only to a company that keeps call center support and chat connected. By this, no time is wasted and idle time can be utilized in most prudent manner. Expert companies follow this simple yet effective technique.

Offer FAQ

Providing a link to customer service FAQ on the website is really useful and time saving. Most of the customer concerns should have solutions in the FAQ page. Customers can help themselves and you can reduce the number of basic queries inflowing.

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