Winchain Weekly Report (2018.8.21–2018.8.27)

Brand Process

  1. Luckywin has officially launched on August 20th.
  2. The VOV Media Alliance visited Winchain and co-hosted the “Searching Lucky One” theme event with the core members of the team on August 21th.Winchain has achieved preliminary cooperation intentions with many media and looks forward to the in-depth cooperation with these media in the future.
  3. Winchain has successfully entered the “2018 Blockchain Technology Application Competition” finals co-organized by F50 and CUC.
  4. Winchain had a preliminary conversation with HuoXun Finance, ZhongLian Media, LianRenZhuan, PingFinance and JieDian Finance.
  5. Winchain had a detailed communication with the strategic partner YOUCHAIN on the details of the cooperation.

Development Process

  1. Luckywin has officially launched on August 20th.
  2. The Star Miner new version has officially entered the product design phase.
  3. Lucky network entered the development stage.
  4. The Luckywin related wechat mini program entered the development stage.
  5. Optimized the Luckywin account system.
  6. Reform the linux core of node.

Operation Process

  1. Last week, Star Miner APP added 2,000 new users, and currently has more than 39,000 active users.
  2. On Friday, Winchain held the third“Winchain Quick Question and Answer” event in the official telegraph group. Through this event, the atmosphere was greatly activated, and the community members learned more about Luckywin.
  3. Winchain has settled in Honeycomb Finance and BiChe which help to expand the influence of Winchain.

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