WinchesterMalist Journey Begins

Living a meaningful life in Winchester with less stuff, but more quality experiences is the aim. Where to start? There are blogs, books, websites with ideas a plenty.

Firstly and most importantly this is my journey, yours may be similar or radically different depending upon what you need to create a meaningful life, however, the commonality will be there will be less of it, and the experience will be better as a result of it.

I have started my declutter journey with technology. My 20's and 30's were filled with gadgets. I was the first of my peer to get a mobile phone, if only there had been someone else with one too, whom I could call ☺There have been mini discs players, PDA’s (remember the Sony Clie?), through to several generations of iPads to mention but a few.

@Mazuma has become my first new friend. Off went my Samsung Note2, tomorrow the Samsung Tab3 follows. Nothing against Samsung, it is simply time to rationalise the number of devices. Maintaining multiple devices that in essence undertake the same function is simply unsustainable and frankly is driving me mad. It is not just the quantity of devices, it is the plethora of applications that we maintain on them too. One stage at a time though, first is to remove the physical objects, before attacking the application layer!

If I could a “Minium phone” would be the way forward for me. A phone that is simply a phone. A phone that simply allows you to call, without trying to be a hundred plus other functions. What’s more it will keep going for weeks rather than the standard day usage of a modern smartphone, so is friendlier to the environment too.

Although in terms of minimal design I would like to see the ABC, # and * removed. After all with no other distractions you could easily remember the letters to save your contacts name. The design would then look slicker still.