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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland — AKA The United Kingdom or Britain, is a sovereign country located off the north-western coast of the European mainland. The UK includes the island of Great Brittan.

It is a unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The monarch is Queen Elizabeth II who has reigned since 1952, making her the world’s longest-serving current head of state.

Britain has the world 6th-largest economy by nominal GDP and 9th-largest economy by PPP (purchasing power parity). It is a member of the G7, the G20, the NATO, the Commonwealth of Nations, the Council…

When I think of cryptocurrency adoption I think of countries like the U.S. or Japan, and I’m probably not alone on this. However, Statista Global Consumer Survey reveals which countries have the highest crypto adoptions and I’m sure you will be surprised who take first place.

Sound the drums! TURKEY takes the first place.

According to Statista one in five Turks have used or currently owns cryptos in 2019 poll. It also stated that the area in the globe where most cryptos were used was Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and so on). …

Vittoriano monument building with statue and sculpture in Rome

Italy has been going through an economic crisis for quite a while now, and as with other countries under pressure, cryptocurrency can be a way above the waves. In the last decade, countries in the EU have turned to cryptos as an alternative to the crisis, such as Greece. Citizens undergoing a crisis see themselves with their hands tied and cryptos give them pathways they wouldn’t have otherwise. And the citizens of Italy may end up discovering that as well.

But before we go any further with the crypto part of this, let’s take a look at Italy´s culture as…

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…and its influence in the cryptocurrency industry.

The world sees The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as the power engine of the world. It sure is powerful, but may not be everything we believe it to be. However, it could have a significant influence on the cryptocurrency industry.

However, are we making America into something it isn’t?

I found some facts about the US that shocked me. I want you to know I am not against the US, I’m an American at heart due to the fact I was raised in Jersey, and my children are American. I love America ❤, are we clear?

Okay, now here are…


You might have noticed several posts about money in the blog lately, right?

Well, that’s because I have realized how crucial it is for people to understand the money they carry in their pockets.

If we intend to have a decentralized monetary system through blockchain and cryptos, we must learn how to deal with money, properly.

Cryptocurrency is opening an entirely new horizon for all of us, where we get to take care of our own money, but how many of us truly understand money? How many of us are ready to be our own banks?

Money management skills must…


To most people, cryptos are scary because they are a high-risk investment.

However, whether you are fond of the technology or not, it would probably be a good idea for you to learn a little about the industry, it´s influence and growth potential.

As the world embraces cryptocurrency technology, we will find many uses for it.

Cryptos have yet to develop their full potential because they have not been adopted by a significant number of people and governments around the globe.

Much of what the technology isn’t yet it’s because of a lack of adoption. It is still a quite…


What if people understood money better, what if they knew what money is, would it change anything? What would be different? Would our economy change? Where do the price and value come from?

There is so much to know about money and its influence. But most of us do not seem very interested in understanding it as much as we work for it and make it disappear in the blink of an eye.

This blog post will not give you all of the answers, instead, I intend to instigate people to research on their own. The reason being is because…


The cryptocurrency industry attacks banks since the beginning. We´ve watched over and over crypto radicals declare the end of all banks. However, what if banks were to transform and adapt to cryptocurrencies?

Predictions of various experts and bank CEOs declare that within 10-years bank branches will undergo a serious decline or even disappear.

Whether the consumers readjust to online banking or shift to cryptos, which are also online, it seems as though banks do not have many options.

Bank branch demographics show that consumer visits to retail branches are set to drop 36% by 2022. And with mobile transactions increasing…


The cryptocurrency industry has come a long way, coins, and tokens of all sorts have been created. The industry has attempted to stabilize the market´s volatility in every way possible.

Needless to say, the traditional monetary system of the world has been dramatically threatened because of cryptocurrencies.

We have come to a dead-end; the next step would be regulations. The crypto industry has been waiting for this for a long time. Although, many do not aspire to regulate cryptos because they feel tied up to the government.

Regulations would encourage consolidated companies to invest and engage further. Crypto businesses would…


What is Libra?

I´d say the only way you do not know what Libra is would be if you have been living under a rock. But in case you have been, Libra is Facebook´s new creation.

It´s a medium of exchange; you will exchange your fiat currency for Libra tokens, and that would facilitate sending and receiving money to and from anywhere in the world.

This process will cut off intermediaries making transactions fast and easy. Additionally, you will be able to buy products and services wherever Libra is accepted worldwide.

With that said, Libra has taken its chance into calling itself a…


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