Trump & the Press: A Murder-Suicide Pact
Jeff Jarvis

Do you all know that there are three digital, independent, subscriber only and “you have to pay upfront” newspapers in Europe: “De Correspondent” in The Netherlands, and yes, it has an English language form, “Krautreporter” (they do not know how funny they are) in Berlin, “Apache” in Belgium and there is a new one starting up in Switzerland. Yes, I read all three and will take a subscription on the Swiss one. Yes you have to pay upfront, and when you publish a comment, you real name gets published, they have you credit card after all. BUT MAN, ARE THEY ARE GOOD, SHARP, WITTY, NOT AFRAID.

The real problem is the MYOPIC view of America, including that of NYT and Wapo. Your problem is: you do not read other languages, you deserve Drumpf.

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