Know Why First Love is an Undying Experience

That beautiful time may be long gone, but it’s still persist in the memory, probably always will be there. Time pass and you think you’ve moved on and suddenly all memories flashes across your mind, vividly, like it was just yesterday.

That’s the time when you realize that their presence has been always there somewhere in your mind. Maybe what they say is actually true that it’s an unforgettable feeling. Maybe we never really get over the memories of our first love.

Your heart will always sinks in the memories every time you think of them, of what went wrong, of what it was like, of what it could have been. The thought of having let ‘the one’ slip away will always hurts. Then, life does its thing and you meet this incredible person who completely sweeps you off your feet.

Yes, you’re in love again. But it’s not the same like the last time. You love them, you really do but love isn’t the same anymore like the last time. Something’s changed. You’re having the best time of your life, but your mind keeps going back to the memories of that time when you fell in love for the first time.

Because that was the first time you looked at someone and felt this amazing and uncontrollable urge in your heart which starts pounding so loud and fast, you were surprised that people couldn’t actually see it beating out of your chest.

That was the first time you discovered the whole new state of confusion that takes you to an entirely different world till you no longer realize what was real. That was the first time you discovered madness inside and the first time you felt so much excitement, you couldn’t contain it.

That was the first time in life when you didn’t know what you were doing and you still couldn’t help falling for it. That was the first time you realize that you want nothing more in the world than just being with that person.

But as they walked away, they took all your first memories from you. You’re happy where you are today, but the emptiness still hurts you. What’s gone will never come back. Try as you may, love won’t ever feel as exciting and amazing as it did the first time.

First love is silly, crazy, naughty, wild. It’s unbelievable, even foolish. It’s like a bird learning it can fly. That’s first love. It’s adventurous, fearless and wonderful. You don’t plan it, you don’t control it and you don’t force it.

You close your eyes and just take the breath. It’s not the end of everything. The truth about love is you can find it again. All you have to do is wait for the right person and let all the doors open.

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