It’s me, I am #windependents and here’s 5 things I’ve learnt so far…

Back in June, I signed up to a social media marketing course with digital mums namely because I wanted to explore how, after having a strong career in marketing and having three children, I could better balance the work/life struggle that so many of us face. What could I do? What could I learn? How can I help people with my skills? How can I balance that with the lifestyle I love and want to enjoy?

Here are a few things I’ve learnt so far:

  1. I have the building blocks for success. My Paediatric nursing degree set me up quite nicely as a compassionate and empathetic person (or so I’m told). Nurses have a massive ‘Mary Poppins bag’ of interpersonal skills (especially the good ones) and I don’t think you can ‘learn to be nice’ or show true empathy, it’s in your make-up or not. After 6 years I changed direction and started working for large corporate Healthcare company in various marketing & training roles. After 12 years, that changed, and I had the opportunity to examine what I really wanted to do. So here I am, with a rather mixed bag of skills/knowledge that I’ve learnt along the way. I am on my journey and I am excited to see where it takes me.
  2. I love being sociable. I am a people person and and want to make a difference. Understanding who I am and what I enjoy, has really given me the resilience to start out and re-connect with Winchester. We love Winchester. It’s our home, our children were born here and we can’t see ourselves living anywhere else. Reconnecting with the city and it’s people has really given me great motivation.
  3. #Windependents is my social media baby and gives me great joy. #Windependents is a grass-roots social media campaign, it’s my 4th baby really, it’s a learning journey, one that will enable me to become a freelance social media manager for companies who need help with their social media platforms. For now, I’m trialling things, sharing stories and events. I’m highlighting the independent businesses that I love, frequent, visit and that I believe make our ‘city’ so special. Without them, Winchester wouldn’t be the same. That’s my humble opinion, everything I share is my opinion and is from the heart. Some may agree, some may disagree but #Windependents is my method of exploration whilst shouting about why ‘I love Winchester’ and connecting the people of and around Winchester to a hub of interesting information.
  4. Investing time to talk is valuable. It’s fair to say that my time management for studying has suffered a little by my ambition to network and be sociable. I like to meet people face-to-face, to put a name to someone or a brand. It’s been key so far and is only just starting. If you’d like to meet me, join my journey then feel free to contact me via facebook or instagram (Windependents) or twitter (@Win_dependents)
  5. I have the support to succeed. Without the gentle nudge and belief from my hubby and friends, I wouldn’t be doing this. I also have 6 other #digitalmumstobe who are running their own campaigns and sharing the emotional rollercoaster as we progress (Go Lucky Dozen!) So thank you from the bottom of my heart- you know who you all are!

It’s fair to say I’d best get back to my studies for now. I hope you enjoyed reading a little more about me. Hopefully I’ll see you on my #windependents journey!

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