Windependents: And we’re off

It’s been a few months in the making, but Windependents is now officially OPEN for want of a better word. This grass roots campaign is a personal campaign about why I love Winchester, acknowledging the independent businesses that make our city so diverse and link businesses with the community of our city. As the campaign unfolds, I will be sharing experiences, events, news and details about my favourite things in and around Winch. I’ll cover shopping, services, gyms, bars, restaurants, pubs, recipes, events, news and share what’s happening. I’ve asked many local independent business owners to answer a set of quick fire questions, so we can learn more about them too. (Please get in touch if I missed you… You’re everywhere!)

It’s not just about me though, I hope that if you’re reading this, you’ll feel proud to call Winchester home and help me along the way. What did I miss? What do you love about Winchester? Let’s connect Winchester people with Winchester happenings. The city is buzzing, so let’s ensure we don’t miss anything….

It’s a journey: one that allows me to practise the various ingredients that makes a delicious social media gateaux, because I’m learning all about social media and ‘windependents’ is my baby… It would be great if you’d join me on this journey too- help me, recommend independents that I may have missed, share my posts, interact, tell me what you think… I’d love you to be on board…

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