Windependents Spotlight: Clean Slate Websites

Interested to learn more about our independent businesses in Winchester?

Here’s one of many 6 quick-fire questions from under the spotlight….

Question 1: Who are you?

Clean Slate Websites

Question 2: What words best describe your business/service in a sentence?

We build effective websites without hype, jargon or huge costs

Question 3: Where are you based and when are you open?

Winchester. 8–5 Monday-Friday, 24/7 for client support

Question 4: Why choose you?

We formed clean slate websites in reaction to extensive feedback from clients and business owners. Small business owners told us they were extremely weary of web design companies who over-promised, over-charged and under-delivered. We learnt that many businesses were jaded and burdened by multiple logins and accounts which they didn’t always have access too. They were also tired of speaking to ‘techies’ and marketing juniors who didn’t understand the real business world.

By dovetailing this feedback with our business and networking experience, we have created a web design and marketing service that speaks business, not tech, offers real value and allows business owners to wipe their online slate clean and take control of their website and online marketing. All of our clients are able to easily edit and manage their own websites and all the elements they need are centralised in one place.

We set out to offer real businesses an online clean slate and we are so pleased when our clients tell us we have succeeded.

Question 5: When in Winchester, what do you enjoy?

It’s impossible to pinpoint any one aspect. The restaurants, coffee shops and pubs are second to none. The shopping and wealth of independent business is another huge draw, as is the abundant culture and history. But for us, Winchester is even greater than the sum of these impressive parts. The cumulative effect of these elements, and passion and warmth of the people of Winchester create the ultimate Winchester attraction: its atmosphere.

We are continually inspired by Winchester; it’s what led us to build Winchester Bloggers. This is a real labour of love for us, showcasing the best bloggers and businesses in Winchester. We built and maintain Winchester Bloggers for free because of our passion for the city; what greater endorsement could we give?

Question 6: Where can I find out more?

Please head to or call us: 07809416793

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