Winder/Drew, Can you share your learnings about the Interest based Network, what worked and what…
Satyaprem Upadhyay

Hi Satyaprem

I like what you’re doing w Nojoto, but I don’t see it on the App Store. Are you on mobile yet? Second, we are relaunching in a few weeks under Relevnt which is a pivot from being a “social network for interests”. The insights that I can share is that, rightly or wrongly, people “think” that their social networks also serve as their interest based network, and it’s hard to crack that psychology. We’re taking a new approach and essentially modernizing the mobile web for real time mobile publishing and content consumption. The same way that Slack disrupted the legacy email market with real-time collaboration, we feel that the current website/web browser architecture is antiquated in relation to how content wants to be distributed and consumed on mobile.