Where I’m At (And Where I’ve Been)

It’s me

When I first started thinking about college and what that meant, the thing that came to mind was a major or focus of study. Being the nerd I was (and still am) I enjoyed all aspects of school and was finding it difficult to hone in on one specific thing I enjoyed.

One of my good friends really talked about a passion for journalism and writing. I was intrigued because at the time I had an extremely invested and passionate English teacher and I enjoyed his class because he actually cared about what we were writing and how The Wasteland is just super deep, right?

While having this in the back of my mind, my parents decided I should take a career test. It was super long and I basically got the results back saying I should be a journalist or a scientist (INTJ problems, honeslty though). Between the two, journalism seemed fun, and well my friend was doing it so what the hay.

Fast-forward to freshman year of college and I was still on the track for journalism (Spoiler-alert: I finished with a BA in Journalism).

I got accepted into the journalism school at my college, and really started getting excited.

Once I got into the program, it all seemed…easy. I didn’t feel challenged and I didn’t feel I was learning hard skills about things I enjoyed.

I minored in Studio Art, and I got to take graphic design and photography classes through that. I enjoyed those classes, but again I felt something was off. I enjoyed making art, but I felt a little lost in my purpose and it honestly felt pointless to make things just for me.

The final piece of my complicated puzzle is my certificate program in entrepreneurship. I’ve always had mild exposure to what entrepreneurship is, but I always thought it was good for people who don’t like being told what to do.

So, I quickly found out that’s not what it is. But I did see the underlying message throughout entrepreneurship is that you have to be passionate and believe in what you were doing. This was speaking my language, but I’m not one who enjoys pitching ideas to numerous people and networking basically 24/7. In fact it sounds awful to me.

With all these somewhat skills in my pocket, I found myself starting my senior year. And yes, all the cliches are true to does come way quicker than you think.

*Flash back to junior year, I was deciding between the Entrepreneurship certificate and the New Media certificate. It was a really tough choice and I contemplated doing both but I wanted to be out on time. Little did I know*

My senior year I decided I would do graduate school because I am in fact a weird person who enjoys school and I was slightly sad at the fact that I wouldn’t be learning anymore.

*Flash to the present where we skip past all the applying for grad school drama, I get in woo, and am halfway through my first semester*

I now believe the saying “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” because I actually see that on the horizon for me.

I’m really enjoying learning about design and applying it to personal projects. I see colleagues getting hired and sought after for the skills I’m learning.

I still haven’t completely narrowed down what I want to do, but UX design is very intruiging right now.

UX design in multi-disciplinary, user-focused, creative thinking, prototyping, and so much more.

So that’s where I’m at.

I’m enjoying the journey to finding my purpose and aligning my passions with that. Stay tuned.