Announcement: Why & How Are We Changing The Strategy

Dear Windhan supporters and investors,

We are announcing that the ICO will be transformed into an STO, therefore the funding phase will be extended. Although it may seem like an inconvenience at first, the development of the token will make up for it. This will be a worthwhile bonus to everyone who has already invested in or received the WHN token.

Why is the ICO replaced by an STO?

We raised a large sum of funds, unfortunately, it is not enough to build a wind park. We are not quitting until we have an operational park and a platform, for our investors, so we will be launching an STO.

How much did we raise?

More than 25 million euros was raised during the ICO token sale. We are very grateful and honored to have your support to this extent. This is a large sum of money, especially for just a month of fundraising. Unfortunately, it is not enough to get fully involved in renewable energy production as we wish to.

What will happen to WHN tokens?

We want to achieve better opportunities for our company and thus our investors . Following the situation in the global crypto market, we have decided to turn our Utility Tokens into Security Tokens (STO). However, all STOs need to get licensed which takes some time. After receiving the license, we are immediately going into phase two of the fundraising with an IEO or Initial Exchange Offering.

Do Security Tokens have an advantage over Utility Tokens?

Although we can see the advantages and the versatility of a Utility Token, we can also see that the market demands a Security Token, as it provides greater opportunities for the investor.

How will it affect investors?

All of our investors will get an upgrade from Utility Tokens to Security Tokens. Our legal team has already advised us on the tokenomics of a Security Token, which is more beneficial for investors and consumers.

How will it affect airdrop and bounty participants?

All of our airdrop and bounty programme participants will get an upgrade from Utility Tokens to Security Tokens.

1. 50% of your earned tokens will be released after the 17th of April, once we manually check the Twitter followers. This will take a few days, as we have to send out thousands of payments, so please be patient.

2. The other 50% will be released after the IEO ends.

How long is the extension going to be?

The extension will be a few months, depending on how fast we get the STO license.

What exchange platforms are we going to be on?

After being licensed and before launching the IEO, we will be listed on exchanges. Since our ICO contract with LATOKEN ran our of term, we are going off this platform for now. It was a good collaboration and would like to thank LATOKEN for having us.

Why is this good news for all of us?

This is good news for everyone, as it is a positive project development, that brings about even more opportunity for everyone involved — investors, bounty and airdrop program participants alike.

Windhan is fully committed to making the project a success and as such ans STO is a logical development for us.

We are convinced that the wait for this development will be worth your while.