ICO: The Best Time to Invest

Whether you are a pro or merely a beginner in the crypto world, you must have felt a buzz around the term ICO at one point or another. ICO has become one of the most prominent acronyms related to cryptocurrencies. It even has leaked into the mainstream world of investing. Since there are hundreds of these ICOs popping up every day, let us have a quick recap of what it means.

According to Wiki, an Initial Coin Offering or Initial Currency Offering (ICO) is a type of funding using cryptocurrencies. In an ICO, a set quantity of cryptocurrency is sold in the form of “tokens” or “coins” to investors or speculators, in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies.

We have seen people going from rags to riches overnight through investing in the stock market. Largely through an IPO. Initially, these shares were dirt cheap and then the company hit big and their shares inflating up to exorbitant prices. Similar to IPO, investing in an ICO bestows numerous benefits. Initial Coin Offering introduces the tokens for the potential market at significant bonuses or discounts. Tokens are offered at the absolute lowest price to advisors, venture capitalists and angel investors to enjoy a considerable probability to gain big once flooded into the public crypto exchanges, where there are no hard caps for investment, while during an ICO there are.

In the vast majority of situations, the ROI at the stage of an ICO has historically been much better than when the tokens are being traded on the exchanges. Another advantage of investing in an ICO is that investor has an option of purchasing a larger stock of coins at the launch. The number of coins available for sale at the exchanges is dependent on the current owners who want to sell them — and initially, the owners are inclined to sell in larger quantities to promote their business or brand. Also, Investing in ICO lends us a chance to be a part of new technology or projects emerging. 
The crux is during an ICO when tokens can be acquired at high bonuses or discounts and reap tremendous returns in the future. Investing in Initial coin offering enhances the chances of profiting exponentially. 
Of course, investors need to ensure that they do their research and perform a careful analysis of ICOs which could help them get on board with the right startup and not fall for the scammers, that have been emerging lately.

The best part of ICOs is that we can now support and be a part of what we believe in, even with a minimal amount of investment. This opportunity sets us up for a more meritocratic marketplace, as the crypto world disrupts the old and stagnant markets. For example, in our case, starting from only a hundred bucks, anyone can become a Windhan ICO investor and witness the journey towards a greener future right from the beginning. This is a sort of power of choice a lot of people never had before.