This Is the Smartest Thing Facebook Ever Did
Jessi Hempel

I’m sure there is allot these companies would like to do, however isnt the reality they are limited by software capabilities? Also, as a business owner a GOLDMINE Facebook is missing is this. Look at my companies site. When you get their go to then click on the fast quote tab on the menu.

Now, imagine this. As a business owner, I’m constantly promoting and attempting to integrate FB into my site. I’m not a high level programmer. HOWEVER, I hope FB is paying attention. Do they understand, myself and millions of other business owners would KILL for their instant messaging IN A BUSINESS QUOTE APT where I can talk to the inquiring customer about my Window Cleaning San Diego business? I could simply take the html code. plug it into my site. I want that persons name, address, and other demographics on them. Then, with my stored customer base that FB is tracking it gives me options to offer products and services fast, more convenient and with value added programs that Facebook would help me disseminate at the click of a button. In fact, its to bad Instagram, or Twitter does not implement this. They could infiltrate into the business sector where they desperately need to resurrect their falling stock, HOWEVER, could you imagine a cross breed platform of Linked in and Facebook. These concepts were all detailed to me by Tony Garcea. Hes an on-line marketing genius. He invented call announcement for AT&T when they owned yellow He also, coined C3 = R.0.I. When online marketing this is what truly matters. Out of all the “CLICKS” my url gets, what % will convert to a phone call or a convert the above mentioned idea… through e-mail and or messenger. Then out of these two conversion points. How many do I close. Simplistic and genius.

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