How to Disable Pop-Up Notifications in Windows 10’s Taskbar?

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Most of the time internet surfers walk a fine line while disabling browser pop-up windows. If you did disable pop-ups, then it may interrupt your workflow. Once you install any application on your Windows 10 you would start getting ads and pop-up that is usually very annoying. When you encounter a pop-up, there will be notification message appears to inform you. If you find that the message distracting you disable it by making a quick update to your configuration settings. These ads are just one of the many types of advertising in Windows 10. Here you could easily disable pop-up notifications on your own by the simple steps or call on Windows 10 Support Phone Number to get quick help over a call.

Here we have discussed, how to make pop-up stop irritating you. Windows 10’s taskbar pop-ups are applied inversely from those “Get Office Notifications”. Go with the following values with step by step instructions-

· You’ll find this setting in the Settings app. Open the Start menu and then click the “Settings” icon to open it

· After this you need to Navigate to System; Notifications and Actions in the “Settings” app

· At last, you need to scroll down to the Notifications section and simply disable the pop-up you want to do

Once you complete the process, Windows won’t notify you with these “tips, tricks and suggestions” or pop-up any longer.

For any other assistance and support for Windows 10, feel free to dial our toll-free helpline number (1–800–439–2178). We are here to help you with each and every possible solution requires for the issue. Our customer service is designed to provide support to the customers on their desk without any interference. We provide complete online support with remote access service and have some customer service plans that are very cost –effective. Despite the helpline number, you could easily contact us via online chat and invoice emails.