How to Fix Network Connection Problem on Windows 10?

Windows 10 users who recently moved from windows lower version might be facing network connection issue with their system. Without proper network connection you would be not able to connect with internet or other computers or any other devices.

There are multiple reasons that can create such issues, but you need to start with most prominent causes that can create such issues. Here below you can find best methods to fix network connection issues on windows 10 installed PCs.

Update the Network Adapter Driver

After upgrading to windows 10 you need to update all the essential drivers and if network driver is not updated you can face such issues. So, first of all, go to devices manager and select network adapter driver to download latest updated version that is compatible with windows 10 and if you need any help, you can call at windows 10 support number for online assistance.

Revert Back to Network Adapter driver

However, if you have recently installed or updated network adapter, then rolling back to previous version might help, as new one would be not compatible with windows 10 OS. In settings at device manager when you click on properties there is option to rollback driver and if there are any issues you can again take help from experts.

Turn-off Firewall for the time being

To avoid such issues, temporarily turn off all firewalls, because firewall blocks connections and after windows 10 upgrade it can become active and may not allow internet connection on network. To deal with firewall related issues, windows 10 technical support is available for users and you can also call these technicians to resolve firewall related issues.

Temporarily Disable the Antivirus Software

Antivirus software or malware protection programs also control the internet connection due to various threats. Hence, turn-off such internet security software on your PC and then open a web page to test network connection. However, you need to keep activate antivirus software on your system to protect it from virus or malware threats, so, check the connection problem with windows 10 help by certified technicians and fix the same to avoid such issues again.