How to Recover Forgot Password in Windows 10?

Windows 10 password is a secret code which is required at the time of login and it would be remembered or keeps safe. Without password it is impossible to unlock the computer system running on windows 10 operating system. If you have forgotten this password then you may take help from the technicians to recover the password.

While creating a user account the system asks for a secret password and a hint option which helps to get login. But if you have forgot that password then you can take help from technicians who will recover your password with full privacy and security of the data. The support provided for the issue such as recovery of the password, download, install and reinstall, update & upgrade help etc.

The technicians engaged here are well experienced and certified in tech support. They solve the issue via remote access technology in which the technicians solve the error without visiting the customer’s door.

Here are the methods which can help in recovering the windows 10 forgot password:

Method 1:

Reinstall Windows 10 without password

A clean installation will erase the hard drive and you will lose all the important data and information. It is a time consuming and complicated process. So, most of the users select it as a last option to recover the password.

Method 2:

Guess the old Windows 10 password:

Most of the users keep their password related with the following things;

· Your name, names of friends and family

· Pet information

· Birthdays

· Home & office addresses.

· Important numbers

So, you can also try this method to recover your forgotten password.

Method 3:

Use of Windows Password key to recover the password:

Step 1: Firstly, download the Windows Password Key and install then launch it on another available PC.

Step 2: Then there will be two ways to burn a password reset disk. The default one is “Quick Recovery” just inset a USB flash drive into it. Click “Burn” and the other one is to select “Advanced Recovery”, select your Windows version, media, and click “Burn”.

Step 3: Now, insert the new created USB drive to the locked Windows 10 computer and set USB drive as the first boot device in BIOS setup. By doing so, the computer will reboot.

Step 4: Windows Password Key loads, follow the interface to reset your Windows 10 password.

If you are Windows 10 users and facing issue with lost windows 10 password then you are required to contact the windows 10 customer support service and the best world class technicians will take the system on remote and resolve the issue completely. Our service is available 24 hours all over the year without any stop. So, feel free to dial our windows 10 support phone number. 1–877–242–3672

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