How To Update Windows 10 Using Microsoft’s Website?

Windows 10 is the latest innovation of Microsoft and is designed for the ease and comfort of the user. It is designed to offer complete comfort to the user. It comes with various advanced and wonderful features that not only make it unique and different from others but it also attracts number of users. It offers complete protection to the user from various kinds of Viruses and Malwares. Also it has a unique feature called Cortana. Cortana is the personal assistance for Windows 10. She is always ready to work on your fingertips. She can help you in finding out anything and everything you just have to give her a command and also before use you can also make setting according to your need. Not only this window 1o also comes with Windows live tiles, you can add multiple desktops using Windows 10 OS, New action center and much more.

Now those Windows 10 users who want to update their Windows 10 OS and thinking about how to update Windows 10 using Microsoft’s website can follow the below mentioned steps or also can avail help from Windows 10 update support services.

· The first step is to go to the and from their click on to the express button. There you will find high priority updates that you can install on to your System as per your requirement. In case you want to view optional updates along with high priority updates then you can click the custom button.

· Wait for the scanning process to gather the information that is important for your System. This scanning process will find out the OS you are currently working on and other information related to the various Microsoft versions running on to the System that are affected by the Windows update.

· Now after the scanning process gets finished you can view the updates that are necessary for your System. Select the one you want to download and then click “get updates.”

· Now click on to the open button and then click run button. You will find the message asking for what do you want to do with the download. Now click next to follow the instructions on the installation wizard.

· Restart your System after the installation process finishes. Finally, your Windows 10 OS is ready to use with the new updates.

These were some of the simple steps to be followed by the Windows 10 users wishing to update their Windows 10 OS. Those users who want to upgrade from their current Operating System say it from 7, 8 or 8.1 to Windows 10 and are thinking about how to upgrade Windows 10 can also avail help from Windows 10 upgrade support services.

These are the online support services working round the clock to offer help to the customers facing issues about how to update Windows 10 and various other issues related to the update process of Windows 10 OS. These services are offered by learned and experienced technicians working round the clock to offer right solution to the customers through the use of remote technology. What these technicians actually do is they take customer’s System on remote and offers solution by sharing the customer’s screen without causing any loss of data and information. So don’t be trapped by questions like how to upgrade Windows 10? Just pick a phone and give a call at Windows 10 tech support number toll-free to avail best services online.

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