Samsung S8 Round Corner For All

No need to sell your kidneys just to Experience those Round Corners of Samsung Galaxy S8. This app makes it available to all Smartphones with No Ads.

The New Galaxy S8 left us all in WOW when we first saw those round corners. Honestly what I first thought was this,

“This corner shit is DOPE AF”

But when I saw that price tag on this beast I thought this,

“My Kidney is Dope AF”

Fuck’n Hell, I don’t have that kind of money on me but I want that Round Corner Shit.

I had two options:

1- Go Emo and live rest of my life in a sad corner and make friends with those ugly lizards on my wall,

2- or build a fucking app myself to feel like a wealthy bitch.

Wealthy bitch sounded great, So yeah I wrote this app to save millions and billions of kidneys, especially mine because “ My kidney is Dope AF ”.

Galaxy S8 curved display is fixed in respect to corner radius. What I did was fuck’m in the ass and added a feature where you could set your own desired corner radius. Take that China.

All new S8 Edge Screen App is now on PlayStore to impart you with a taste of the latest Edge screens. Get the feel of rounded corners on any of your android smartphone and the most astonishing fact is that it is completely free with No Ads.


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