Troubleshooting Windows 10 Activation Errors

If you have updated your Windows 10 Operating System version and not able to use the features because of activation problems there could be some errors which are shown as below. Here, you will find the activation errors with error codes and will also learn what these error codes meant and how to troubleshoot them.

If you clean install Windows the first time, you may face activation problems and if you have upgrade to Windows 10 and then clean install Windows on the same PC, then there will be no activation problems.

Activation Error with error codes

Windows 10 not activated after upgraded from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1:

If you face issue with the activation after upgraded to Windows 10, follow the instructions:

· Click on Start and then select “Settings” after this move to “update & security” then click on “Activation” tab.

· Now you may have to select “Go to Store” and check for valid license available for your device.

· If a valid license isn’t available, you will have to buy Windows from Store.

The product key did not work. (Error code: 0xC004C003):

While using an invalid product key the above error code is displayed. To resolve the issue you will have to buy a new product key.

The filename, directory name is incorrect or DNS not exists. (Error code: 0x8007007B):

If this error is shown, firstly make sure that you are connected to work network. You can also enter your product key with the help of given steps:

· Click on ‘Start’ and then select Settings > Update & security > Activation.

· Select Change product key, and enter 25-character product key.

Error code: 0xC004C020 meant that Multiple Activation Key has exceeded its limit:

This error is occurred when a volume key which is bought from Microsoft to install Windows on various PCs, has been activated on more than specified number of PCs as per the MS License Terms. To get resolve the issue you may have to use to a different product key to activate the PC Windows.

Security Error: (Error code: 0x80072F8F):

This activation error is shown when your computer’s date and time are incorrect or when a Window is having trouble connecting to online activation service which results in verifying product key.

To verify your PC’s date and time, follow these steps:

Click on ‘Start’ menu and then select Settings after this move to “Time & language” tab and now select “Date & time” option

Check that your PC is set to the correct date and time.

Through above instruction problem can be fixed. In case if network troubleshooter won’t detect any problem try to reboot your PC to check if that fixes the problem.

For any error codes and troubleshooting them you can contact at Windows 10 Customer Service Number where the Windows 10 Tech Support number is available and they will help you out with your issues.