10 Amazing Facts About Pregnancy You Need To Know

Pregnancy is the most amazing and overwhelming experience for every would-be-mom. When you first visit ultrasound baby scan clinic for your baby scan and see life is growing inside you, it would be the most joyous moment for you. While pregnant, you will encounter many surprising and weird moments, which will leave you surprised.

Today I’m going to share some amazing pregnancy facts with you, which you didn’t aware of! Let’s find out.

1. Your uterus is the organ that is the most affected by pregnancy

During pregnancy your uterus size increase. It goes from 50/60g to 900/1 000g. The volume increases 6ml to 5000 ml.

2. Your Baby Breathe Underwater

From 27 weeks of your pregnancy, your baby starts to breathe in the womb. Even his lungs are not ready for taking any oxygen. They start to expand and compress.

3. Automatic Lactation

Pregnant mother and new mothers automatically lactate, when their baby cries. The more truth is, it can happen even though the baby does not belong to them. Can you believe?

4. Careful When You Eat

Be careful about what you are eating, because your baby tastes the same as you. Strong flavors like onion and garlic can be passed in your womb through the amniotic fluid. Always maintain a diet provided by your doctor.

5. The Bone Separation

During delivery, the pelvic bone separates in the middle as it is stretched to the maximum. However, the bone doesn’t break and also it never goes back to its previous position ever. A woman’s body is incredible!

6. Wrinkles Disappear

Yes, it happens! Your pregnancy hormone plumps out your skin, making the wrinkles disappear.

7. Is Your Partner Pregnant?

If you are pregnant, your partner can experience the same symptoms as you. Such as morning sickness, weight gain, and growth hormone level. Don’t worry, your partner is pregnant! The symptom is called Couvade syndrome or sympathetic pregnancy.

8. Digestion Problem

You can feel heartburn and indigestion during pregnancy. This is very common amongst would-be-moms as their stomach and intestine become displaced by the growing uterus.

9. Your Baby Is Safe Inside You

Your antibodies protect your baby from any harm. The antibodies transferred through the placenta to the fetus from the 20th week of your pregnancy.

10. Your Baby Can Hear You

Talk to your baby every time. Because your baby can hear your every word after six months of your pregnancy. Also, he starts to learn his mother tongue.

The facts about pregnancy are an amazing thing to know. Before believing in all these facts always make sure of everything. Do not forget to make an appointment with your doctor in time, as well as visit the best baby scan clinic to make sure your baby is doing fine inside you.

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