15 Impressive Ways To Make A Pregnancy Announcement

After your return from the baby scan clinic, would you rather make a bland and simple pregnancy announcement or you prefer to announce it to the world in the most innovative way possible? Of course, the latter, so let me make your job easier and provide you with some fun ways through which you shout the “good news” with the entire world without uttering any word.
So, let’s take a glimpse of all these fantastic pregnancy announcement ideas.

Why speak, when your kids can make the noise! Let your little darlings announce the arrival of their new younger sibling!

Announce it with an egg! Here, an egg is personified as a baby. You can even keep a small note inside that describes your baby’s due date.

Here’s another hilarious way to announce your pregnancy. Yeah, by an eviction notice!

If everyone in your family is a video game addict, then this one seems to be the best pregnancy announcement idea.

“We are Prego”! Make it your anthem and also your pregnancy announcement. So take that Prego sauce out from your kitchen cupboard and announce your pregnancy with style!

Let’s see who wins, girls or boys? Brother or sister? Well, to find out, get in touch after nine months.

Another idea to spill the beans on your pregnancy. If you do not want to go for something simple yet different, then use those safety pins stashed on your dressing table drawer.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and it’s time for 7! Take the help of your entire family to announce the arrival of the new member.

It’s time to draw everyone’s attention to your baby bump with an avocado! Look at this picture and break your pregnancy news with guacamole, I mean with an avocado costume!

You can use this simple yet elegant chalkboard idea to announce your partner that he’s gonna be a dad pretty soon.

How about broadcasting that you and your partner are stepping into parenthood with a beautiful rhyme written on the piece of a chalkboard? Do try this out.

What can be more fun and creative way to disclose your pregnancy news than writing it inside your pizza box! After all, who wouldn’t care for a pizza!

One of the best ways to reveal that a baby is on the board is to just make use of the scan pictures you get from your ultrasound baby scan clinic. After all, it makes sense to use your baby scan pictures for a public pregnancy announcement.

Who says your pet can’t make this happy announcement? See how this cute little furry buddy announces the arrival of his new friend!

Only Harry Potter lovers will get this picture! If you’re a diehard fan of Harry Potter, then this is an ideal way to make a magical pregnancy announcement.

I hope you liked these 15 impressive pregnancy announcement ideas. Choose either of them and take good care of yourself by taking your vitamins on time and your bump by getting regular ultrasound scans from a good baby scan clinic in Peterborough.

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