Baby Scan Offers From Peterborough’s Leading Ultrasound Baby Scan Clinic

A baby scan is something that every expecting parent encounters, also ultrasound baby scan clinic plays a remarkable role in introducing the unborn baby to the parents. If you live in Peterborough, this article is the one for you!

Many reputable ultrasound clinics in Peterborough are offering special baby scan packages to all expecting parents. In this article, a few of them are discussed for your benefit. Let’s take a look at these special baby scan offers provided by the finest baby scan clinic in Peterborough.

  1. firstAssure Viability Scan (from 6–10 Weeks)
    • Confirmation of an intrauterine pregnancy
    • Check for single or multiple pregnancies
    • Visualisation of heartbeat
    • Assessment of ovaries and pelvic area
    • Estimated dating of your pregnancy by measurements
    • Early pregnancy obstetric report
    • 10 minutes scan (approx)
    • 2D scan picture to take home
    • Price of the package: £79
  2. 99.9% Accurate Gender Scan + Well-being (available from 16 weeks)
    • Confirmation of single or multiple pregnancies
    • Well-being Check + Report
    • Detection of any abnormalities
    • 99.9% Accurate Gender Confirmation
    • Examination of baby’s position and placenta
    • 4 x Photo Prints
    • Digital Images on a smartphone app (Bumpies)
    • Free 4D Peek at Baby
    • Other members permitted
    • Guaranteed re-scan
    • Price of the package: £59
  3. Gender Reveal Upgraded Package (from 16–23 weeks)
    • Well-being scan & report
    • 99%+ accurate gender confirmation
    • FREE 4D peek
    • Four photo prints
    • Digital copies of all scan pictures
    • Reveal Balloon and Box or Medium Bursting Confetti Balloon
    • Time required for the scan: 5 minutes approximately
    • Price of the package: £69
  4. Well-being + 4D Scan (from 24 -34 weeks)
    • 4D Baby Scan
    • Well-being Check & Report
    • 99.9% Accurate Gender Confirmation (on demand)
    • 4 choicest Photo Prints
    • Digital Images on a smartphone app (Bumpies)
    • Movie of the Ultrasound Scan Session
    • 5 members allowed
    • Optional HDlive Upgrades
    • Personal Scan Assistant
    • Optional Heartbeat Bears and more Freebies
    • Rescan Guarantee
    • The offer price of the package: £79
    • Offer code: B2B79.
  5. Well-being + 4D Baby Scan [Very Important Baby] {available from 24 -34 weeks}
    • Well-being scan and detailed report
    • 99%+ accurate gender confirmation (optional)
    • 100% longer* full 4D scan
    • Full movie recording of the 4D Scan Session
    • 6 full-colour photo prints
    • +2 large full-colour photo prints
    • Digital copies of all scan images
    • Two keyrings and prints
    • FREE* rescan guarantee
    • Price of the package: £135
  6. Growth and Presentation Baby Scan (from 26 to 40 weeks)
    • Well-being scan and report
    • Head circumference measurement
    • Abdominal circumference measurement
    • Femur length measurement
    • Estimated fetal weight provided
    • Identification of Baby and Placenta position
    • 4 photo prints
    • Digital copies of all scan images
    • Price of the package: £69

If you want to book your baby scan package online, you need to go to the ultrasound baby scanning services provider’s official website. There, you will get vital information related to their special baby scan offers.

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